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Fighter's Source Presents: The Road To The UK

Posted by mmaroadshow on July 27, 2014 at 7:20 PM

Fighter's Source Presents: The Road To The UK

In a competition like no other Fighter’s Source is making history in its newest adventure to bring MMA to the world Olympics. Fighter’s from all over the USA and the world are biding their chance to fight in London, UK this coming Sept. 2014.

One of the very first fighters from the USA was a well know fighter & personal friend of MMA Roadshow, Mr. Chris Francis representing Capitao MMA & BJJ from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Francis competed July 26 after fighting 4 times to get him his final shot in New York July 26, 2014. Francis won his bout to secure his spot to head to London in Sept. 2014. Francis is currently 11-0 as an amateur


Fellow Team-mate Cameron Page (Capitao) may also get his shot if Fighter’s Source gets 125’er for Page in London. Page (Far right) stands next to UFC Fighter & Champion: Glover Texiara (Center) and fellow MMA Fighter & friend Mr. Corey Wilson (Far Left). Teriara showed up at the MMA Expo in New York which was the same time as the Fighter’s Source USA Final’s.

Also at the expo: the guys get to hang out with UFC Fighter: Mr. Anderson Silva 

Capitao Head Coach: Mr. Danny “El Capitao” Ruiz who is Francis & Page’s Coach was given the honor to be the new USA Head Coach Representing the guys in London this September. In a brief message Ruiz could not be more proud of his guys & honored to represent the Team USA in London. Ruiz is a Champion MMA fighter & has owned his own MMA gym in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida for years and has trained countless champions & this man knows the dedication to the sport it takes for the youth of today to grow to be champions. Ruiz respects his fighters & they respect him and he is a great choice to represent Team USA.


To learn more about Fighter’s Source, please visit their websit and also read their Mission Statement and Goals for the future.


Fighters Source® is designed to be the “NCAA” of MMA by cultivating the best amateur MMA fighters worldwide.

Fighters Source® is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level. As amateur MMA evolves toward being an Olympic sport in 2016, Fighters Source® will be at the center of this movement, as both a showcase of future professional talent and unifying force for the sport.

MMA is no different than any of the combat sports in the Olympics. But to keep it growing, there is a need to support and highlight this grass roots movement of athletics as well as create possibilities for world-class elite athletes. In doing so, Fighters Source® will give pro organizations a first look at their future talent.

Becoming an Olympic sport is the ultimate achievement and highest formal recognition possible and Fighters Source® will lead this global campaign for Amateur MMA.

“Becoming an Olympic sport is the ultimate achievement and highest formal recognition possible.”

A Winning Strategy

Fighters Source® International League will provide a worldwide tournament on local, regional, national and international levels commencing with the WORLD CHALLENGE annual event. Fighters Source® is able to do this by licensing promotions organizations in multiple countries working towards a common goal to find their country’s best amateur MMA fighters. Fighters Source® will work together with gyms and promotions in multiple states and regions to ensure their star fighter will showcase their skills against the best in the world.

By organizing and promoting a series of tournaments highlighting the best fighters from a specific market/city, Fighters Source® has added a new dimension to MMA; local allegiance. Until now, the sports has relied on the popularity of individual fighters to build a fan base. The Fighters Source® tournament structure puts the best fighters from one city against those of another city, much like football, baseball and other sports, this will build a much stronger and broader appeal and following, since the allegiance is not centered around individual fighters, but instead teams. It’s simply the logical evolution of the sport; one every other major sport has gone through during its lifespan.

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Stay tuned to MMA Roadshow for more as we follow TEAM USA On Their Road TO The UK this September.



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